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The Science & Technique of Crafting Low-Energy netPLUS Energy Buildings

Modular Format
We developed our training schedule format with the input of builders, designers, and energy raters, all busy professionals who continually balance the need for driving daily business with the need for obtaining higher quality education. Flexibility is key.

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Curriculum Overview

Any of these modules can be taken individually, in any sequence depending on your background and experience with practical, applied building science.

Module Two
netPLUS Builder: Low Energy Construction & Beyond
This Six Day Course is Presented in Three Modules
Module Two
*** DAY THREE ***

1. "Green" Value Achieved
Accurate Appraisal & Finance of High-Performance Building

2. Marketing:
Turning your knowledge into customer leads

3. Plans: Know the Details Designers Should be Solving

4. Specifications: A Bridge Too Far?
Planning Your Project, and Getting Paid to Do It

5. the netPLUS Builder: "Design / Build Report" Planning for Successful High-Performance Projects

6. Fenestration: What's Clear About Glazing
* Performance Factors to Know
* Impact on Energy Balance
* Solar Gains, and Solar Shading

7. Fenestration: Installation Details
* Innies vs Outies
* Structural Mounting
* Flashing for Water, Sealing for Air
* Thermal Bridge Concerns for Window Installation

8. netPLUS Builder: "Bidders Beware" session

9. netPLUS Builder: Contractual Considerations

*** DAY FOUR ***

1. Tapes, Caulks, Gaskets & Foams
* Hands-On Product Experience
* Options, Applications, and Workability
* Best Practices

2. Workshop: Perfecting the Air Barrier
* Realizing Airtightness Details in 3D
* Mockups of key interfaces in building enclosures
* Analyzing challenges & solutions to common problem areas

3. Testing: Blower Door
* Hands-On Experience
* Testing Protocols: Explained
* Testing Results: Decoded

4. Testing: Duct Blaster
* Hands-On Experience
* Testing Protocols: Explained
* Testing Results: Decoded

5. Insulation: What's Green About Shades of Pink
* Hands-On Experience with Insulations Common to High-Performance Enclosures

6. High-Performance Assemblies in Focus: FOUNDATIONS

7. High-Performance Assemblies in Focus: FLOORS

8. High-Performance Assemblies in Focus: ROOFS


June 25 - 28
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 1 & 2

Aug 20 - 23
Blacksburg, VA
Modules 1 & 2

Oct. 9 - 10
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 3

Oct. 11 - 12
Shepherdstown, WV
netPLUS Owner
Build Essentials

Recent Events:
Earth Day: April 22 - 23
Module 1

ASES "Passive House
Power - netPLUS Now" Presentation - April 17

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