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The Science & Technique of Crafting Low-Energy netPLUS Energy Buildings

Modular Format
We developed our training schedule format with the input of builders, designers, and energy raters, all busy professionals who continually balance the need for driving daily business with the need for obtaining higher quality education. Flexibility is key.

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Curriculum Overview

Any of these modules can be taken individually, in any sequence depending on your background and experience with practical, applied building science.

netPLUS Owner Essentials
netPLUS Owner Essentials
*** Day One ***

The Project Team: 7 Essential Members

Who Does What - and When

Choosing a Designer and Builder:
What You Need to Know

Design Decisions That Make Sense

How to Solve Common Design Challenges

Green Programs & Certifications in CONTEXT: EnergyStar, Challenge Home, Passive House, and Beyond

A Unified Energy Rating Scale:
Making Sense of Noise & Confusion

Project Management:
Determining Who Manages Your Project

Project Specifications:
Defining What You Want - And Expect

net PLUS: the "Design To Build" Report
Don't Leave Home, Without It

Details: pros & cons of common insulation types
without hype or bias

Details: pros & cons of common WALLS
in 'net PLUS' building

Details: pros & cons of common ROOF
types in 'net PLUS' building

HERS Raters: What They Do, and Why
That's Critical to Success

Testing: Quality Control Measures You Must Know

*** Day Two ***

Green Appraisals & Green Finance:
What to Do - To Get VALUE Recognized

Understanding Likely Costs of Construction,
and Where to Save Money

Details: Assessing WINDOWS & DOORS
in High-Performance Building

Details: AirTightness - just as important as "R Value"

Fresh-Air Ventilation:
the HOW-TO of "How Does My House Breathe"?

Heating & Cooling:
Successful Comfort Strategies for Low-Energy Buildings

Details: pros & cons of common FOUNDATIONS

Details: pros & cons of common FLOORS

Hot Water Heating: Making Sense of Choices & Options

Lighting & Appliances: Best Practices & Solutions

Energy Monitoring: Energizing "the Prius Effect"

Renewable Energy Options: Quantifying Alternatives

Cost is $425 per Couple (Two People)


June 25 - 28
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 1 & 2

Aug 20 - 23
Blacksburg, VA
Modules 1 & 2

Oct. 9 - 10
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 3

Oct. 11 - 12
Shepherdstown, WV
netPLUS Owner
Build Essentials

Recent Events:
Earth Day: April 22 - 23
Module 1

ASES "Passive House
Power - netPLUS Now" Presentation - April 17

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