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The Science & Technique of Crafting Low-Energy netPLUS Energy Buildings

High-performance low-energy building is no passing fad. Successful designers, builders, and remodelers are proving today the transformative power of advanced, sustainable construction.

While the destination of Net Zero Energy is clear, the road to achieve it isn't. We are awash with information; sometimes overtaken by information overload. Harder to find, and harder to gain - is the wisdom of applied knowledge, the synthesis of available options, the ability to create holistic solutions that we can use in practice today.

The margin of error with high-performance building is dramatically reduced. The consequence of gaining this knowledge piecemeal, through trial and error, is not only frustration. Lost profit, missed opportunity, compromised quality, increased liability, and lack of project control are very real outcomes to avoid. Further, a builder can do nearly everything right and still lose, because so much high-performance building design is now modeled with energy software, and modeled performance does not equal owner experience.

Engaging, interactive learning.
     Flash charettes and creative, collaborative knowledge building.
           Comprehensive training, in logical modules.
                 Applied building science, balanced with hands-on lab work.
                       Essential tools, tips, and techniques.
Net PLUS Energy School helps you fit the puzzle pieces together.

Specific to high-performance and low-energy building, Net PLUS arms you with knowledge of:

• Assemblies: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wisdom to discern the difference
• Materials: rules and properties you need to know, about why what stuff goes where
• Specifications: which are often missing, and those you can't do without
• Roles and responsibilities: raters, designers, consultants, and more
• Bidding and contractual: set yourself up to profit, from the start
• Site assessment and work control: the buck stops where, Master Builder?
• Quality: know the processes, and control procedures, to ensure success
• Energy Modelling Assumptions: know, what you don't know, before it costs you
• Energy Monitoring: inexpensive ways to increase accuracy and client satisfaction

Who should attend

  • Builders, general contractors & project managers with experience, aptitude, or interest in 'pushing the envelope' of energy-efficient construction

  • Specialty trade craftsman & craftswomen who have worked on, or need to learn more about, high-performance low-energy building - and want to know about the integration of their trade in the 'systems' approach to better building.

  • Design/Build firms, because 'one stop shopping' means you have got to make it work, on a specified budget; no exuses, no deferring blame.

  • Designers, architects & engineers that want to understand better the technical details and project management skills of creating Passive House or Net-Zero/Net-PLUS Energy buildings.

  • HERS Raters and Energy Consultants who are relied upon for their mastery and verification of high-quality energy-efficient construction.

  • Vendors, suppliers, component manufacturers & distributors needing a larger view or deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by this growing market.

June 25 - 28
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 1 & 2

Aug 20 - 23
Blacksburg, VA
Modules 1 & 2

Oct. 9 - 10
Shepherdstown, WV
Modules 3

Oct. 11 - 12
Shepherdstown, WV
netPLUS Owner
Build Essentials

Recent Events:
Earth Day: April 22 - 23
Module 1

ASES "Passive House
Power - netPLUS Now" Presentation - April 17

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